Students Join the Activity of Morning Exercises and Reading

From the beginning of this semester, students of the Vocational Technical College of NWU have been required to join the activity of morning exercises and reading by the authority of the college for developing good living and learning habits.

Encouraging students to do morning exercises and reading has always been a key section of NWU’s students’ study style management as the activity helps improving the physical fitness and firming good learning habits of the students. Since the start of the activity, the Student Affairs Office of the college has made rules in details; all of the student cadres have been organized to ensure that other students attend the activity on time; the Youth League Committee of the college has also participated in the activity to make sure it goes well.

The activity has been lasting successfully. As time goes on, the goal that morning exercises and reading becoming a necessary part of the students’ lives and helping them establish good living and learning habits will finally be achieved.

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